Youngblood Builders is a client-centered, full-service custom home builder and restorer known for exceptional quality and unparalleled results.

We offer the personalized, hands-on service, easy access, and follow-through of smaller companies together with the strategic scheduling, communications, and management systems of a larger firm. Our clientele benefit from the best of both worlds.

Our Story

Since launching Youngblood Builders over a decade ago, Jim Youngblood has established his firm as one of the highest caliber custom home builders and restorers in New England. Jim started working on homes as a young college student and never stopped, bringing his lifelong passion for the work and 35 years of industry experience to every project. He has personally done virtually every job on a construction site, from laborer on up, and brings a nuanced and extensive knowledge base that is unique in high-end home building. 

Jim is a builder at heart, having left larger companies after realizing his passion lay in following and fine-tuning each step of the process himself. At Youngblood Builders, Jim personally oversees each project and ensures that client communication is thorough and consistent. This level of attention, added to his depth and breadth of experience and the excellence and loyalty of his staff, is the secret to his company’s success. 

Jim built his company the way he builds his houses, with the utmost care, strict attention to detail, and a commitment to relationships at all levels from clients, to other industry professionals, to his own staff. Because of his dedication to the work and emphasis on lasting quality, Jim’s clients and industry partners routinely return for new projects and send referrals his way.

Our Services

Clients engage Youngblood Builders at various stages of the home building process. Some clients come to us a year or more before construction even starts, when they’re still seeking land, an existing home to refurbish, or a real estate broker.  Others come to us later in the process; they already have a home but are in need of an architect, interior designer and landscape architect compatible with their aesthetic style and style of doing business. Whatever the client’s needs, they can (and do) begin working with us at all steps along the way.

Land and Property Acquisition
The process begins with a conversation; Jim sits down with each client and learns what’s most important to you. Our team then accompanies clients through local real estate research and, if needed, we’ll introduce you to high-end, reputable real estate brokers. If you wish, we’ll be by your side as you visit homes and properties, or we can search on your behalf, according to your preferences. We are your partner, as needed and requested, to ensure you find the perfect property to suit your vision. When you’ve narrowed down your search, we provide a thorough, professional review and recommendation. We evaluate your chosen property before and/or after purchase, and confirm your house has the bones it needs to fulfill your ideas.
Team Building
Whether we’ve been with you through property acquisition or you’re coming to us with an already existing property, your ideas, needs and unique project features are the building blocks we use to create your project’s team. Drawing on Jim Youngblood’s decades of experience and relationships with experts across the field, we provide recommendations, if desired, for architects, landscape architects, interior designers, and all other project consultants including civil engineers, structural engineers, site surveyors, mechanical engineers, lighting designers, and whoever else is needed to bring your unique vision to life.
Now that we have a property and a star team to work on it, we develop your full project’s scope. This always includes a detailed, fully transparent cost estimate, as well as coordination and execution of all permitting requirements. We schedule the full project’s development with key deliverables, including roles, responsibilities and timelines. From start to finish, we support you with contracts for surveyors, civil engineers, mechanical engineers and more for your property. Youngblood Builders’ project delivery team always includes Jim Youngblood as Principal, a Project Manager, and a Site Supervisor, as well as a full “back-of-house” team who keep the project on task, on time, and humming off site.
With Youngblood Builders, your home is built both on time and for all time. We begin with strict attention to the highest caliber of safety, cleanliness, and community relations. Our dedication to schedule and coordination of various elements provides realistic and timely deliverables, with a calendar built around your needs and the needs of the project. In short, we create a timeline with the client, and we stick to it. We commit to regular meetings that keep the whole job team thinking about the big picture, in good communication and on the same page about budget, schedule, design deliverables, and all other critical items. In our experience, good communication and relationships ensure each element, from a foundation pour through finishes, is done to perfection -- and on time.
Move in Services
Your home is complete and ready for move-in. We commission the home before you arrive, running a battery of tests for appliances and mechanical equipment to ensure every last detail is accounted for. We work with designers to place art and furniture, so the home feels like yours immediately, with everything placed meticulously to fit your vision. And as a finishing touch, we offer white glove cleaning. Since today's homes can be complex, we provide a formal training to teach our clients how to use their mechanical systems, appliances, audio-visual toys, automated lighting and shading, and home security systems. We provide all owner operation and maintenance manuals and are happy to walk you through any and all questions. We are always available to support easeful operation of the appliances and systems in your home, so from day one you can effortlessly use each feature to its fullest.
Post-Construction Services
We commit to staying connected and supporting you as you settle into your home. Ongoing services include convenient, pre-scheduled spring and fall turnovers, such as cleaning, moving furniture, servicing filters and gutters, washing windows, and winterizing faucets and swimming pools. We are available to schedule maintenance from small appliances to larger systems, ensuring continued care of all aspects of your home, and we provide on-call emergency services if anything should ever need immediate attention. We are also here to help your home grow with you, and are available for new features and small project construction such as swimming pools and other recreation elements, or new conveniences like coat hooks or shelving.

Our Team

Youngblood Builders team members are what make Youngblood Builders stand out. Hired for their experience and shared commitment to a high-performing, positive, efficient work culture, Youngblood Builders staff love their jobs --  as demonstrated by the firm’s exceptional staff retention. Team members understand Youngblood Builders only delivers the best; each and every project demands superior work, so that’s what they deliver. In turn, they are part of a close-knit company, treated with the utmost respect, recognized for their talents and supported to grow as part of a team of creative and technical superstars.

Made up of professionals with decades of collective experience building and project managing complex custom homes, team members know the critical elements of successful projects. Each project centers on craftsmanship, clear communication, diligent scheduling, problem solving, documentation, and the formation of strong relationships with everyone who impacts the building process. Whether you are a client, a subcontractor or a member of the extended project team, Youngblood Builders invites strong communication and collaboration.

OUR Values


As our client, you will have complete access to the Youngblood Builders team every step of the way, as well as easy communication with our expert partners. Our commitment to transparency and connection is based on the simple fact that we love our work, and love talking to our clients about how to make their visions reality.


Home building is both art and science. At Youngblood Builders, we hire experienced, like-minded team members and continually invest in ongoing learning. This approach ensures only the best and most up-to-date techniques, tools, and approaches are brought to your project. As home building evolves, we evolve with it.


Youngblood Builders provides you and your family a legacy long into the future, because your home is our legacy too. The longevity of your home is what our reputation, relationships and future rest upon, and we build each project to both reflect your vision, and to withstand the test of time. That’s the difference quality makes.

Of the many decisions we made during our building project, hiring Jim Youngblood as builder was unquestionably the best decision we made. He is smart and experienced, highly respected by his subcontractors, and an absolute pleasure to work with. We particularly appreciated that Jim was attentive to detail, responsive, creative, and straightforward. He truly listened to what we were looking for, and he focused us on the best ways to achieve it. Youngblood Builders succeeded in not only building an exceptionally well-crafted house but also a great client relationship. They are top-notch.

W. and S. Grinspoon, Clients

Working with Youngblood Builders is an enjoyable balance of precision, collaboration and the common goal of delivering on our client’s vision and expectations. The quality of his building and construction knowledge is exceptional and his team approach serves the client at every turn. It has been a joy to work and create with Jim and his team: they have proven to be eager and up to the task of figuring out durable and cost-effective solutions to new and unique design details. Jim’s attention to schedule, budget and every detail of the project lead to a smooth and on-time product and process.

John Day, LDa Architecture & Interiors, Cambridge, MA

Jim has the right balance as a leader: calm, assertive and good-humored. I could see he was the same with his subcontractors, and it generated an atmosphere of efficiency and respect. I appreciated Youngblood’s detailed notes from our weekly meetings and the guidance on priority “to-do’s” so we could stay on schedule. If I have a project that requires the absolute highest level of quality and precision, with trusted, competent oversight, and the leadership to get it done on time, I wouldn’t use anyone else but Youngblood Builders.

Sarah and James Moore, Clients

Rarely in my 30 plus year career in the construction industry have I come across a person with Jim’s combination of tenacity, integrity and technical skill…attributes which serve the clients of Youngblood Builders well. It has been my distinct pleasure to work with him and I certainly hope we will find an opportunity to work together once again in the very near future.

Frank Vanzler, Owner’s Representative, KVAssociates, Inc., Boston, MA

As architects, our role is to give artistic form to a vision, born from a client’s aspirations. The most critical aspect in the entire process is not the art of what we draft on paper, but the craft of what is executed in the field. In all phases of building a home, it is critical that there is strong leadership from the general contractor; asking the most from the architects, demanding the best from their skillful subcontractors, and constantly striving to meet a client’s schedule, budget, and expectations. With Jim and his team at the helm, we have never been better as architects, and we are always looking forward to our next working opportunity.

Howard Raley, Flavin Architects, Boston, MA

Jim Youngblood possesses a rare combination of a high level of construction knowledge and expertise, a nuanced understanding of team and project dynamics, a dedication to keeping clients informed, in control, and happy, and an ability to keep a project moving forward. He has the intelligence and instincts to make a project successful coupled with the drive and character to make it happen consistently.

Jennifer Weiss, Jennifer Weiss Architecture, San Francisco, CA