Boston Apartment Renovation

Urban living inspired by nature and art. This couple and their design team had a vision for a space that was both stunning and unique. Taken down to concrete and steel and reimagined, the apartment was the canvas for their artistry and imagination. Featuring curved lines, playful lighting, and walls that are art rather than places to hang art, there is nothing run-of-the-mill here. Walk down a tapered hallway and it's like you are walking toward the sunset. The mosaic shower surrounds you in colors and details of nature's beauty. Some walls ripple like pebbles entering a quiet river. Flowers hide in doorways, gently arching walls tuck you into the dining nook, window light and installed lights work together to create a calm loveliness.

The clients are a combination of savvy, adventurous, and playful and we responded in turn. Our role was to make this exotic vision come to life. We jumped into this challenge, trying new things, throwing out the playbook. The result is a place that honors the organic, that is sophisticated, energizing, and entirely reflective of the people who live there.  A distinctive success.

Interior Designer: River House Interiors

Designer & Cabinet Maker: Kochman Reidt + Haigh

Photography: Trent Bell

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