Newton Renovation

History can inspire our contemporary imaginations, and this historic renovation and restoration is testimony to that. The owners wanted a home to accommodate their growing family, envisioning a modern flow of rooms opening into rooms and contemporary technology systems to suit their current lifestyles. Still, they wanted to maintain the original language of the home, one of handcrafted millwork, arched ceilings, and leaded glass windows.

With this in mind, they asked Youngblood Builders to marry old and new and create a gorgeous space built for modern living with respect for days past. Original old-fashioned millwork was restored until it shone with new life. The small, cloistered rooms were opened up and new door moldings and ceilings were built to match the original style. The sunroom and living room were connected by opening up a large fireplace that can now serve both spaces. The original exterior was reimagined while maintaining the architectural sentiments with which it was originally created.

While some owners want to be part of the building process every step of the way, this project is an example of homeowners who wanted to share their vision with an exceptional team and send them forth to do their work. Jim Youngblood made sure his team understood every nuance of the vision, plan and style before getting started, and the result was a beautifully restored home that is modernized spatially but maintains the depth of personality that age brings, meeting every need of this family.

Architect: LDa

Interior Design: Nina Farmer Interiors

Photographer: Greg Premru

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