Shingle Style Home

This exceptional family home launched Youngblood Builders. When Jim Youngblood met the future owners of this shingle-style home, he already had many years of experience working for other companies in high-caliber custom home building. But the couple’s creative and challenging vision inspired him to take the leap, and Youngblood Builders began. The couple trusted Jim from the start with their dream for a new construction home with attention to beautiful details and the highest levels of energy efficiency. They needed a communicative and organized “A” team, and invited Jim to build their home while he built his new company.

Together, they created a spectacular center staircase that became the home’s most bespoke architectural detail, requiring incredible precision and construction from the top down. This gorgeous centerpiece, a true feat of engineering and planning, now connects all the parts of the home, both literally and aesthetically. Jim worked with the couple to bring every detail of their vision to life, from the welcoming, quality stone masonry in front all the way to the mechanical room, which itself is truly majestic.

Baldwin Circle provided a chance for Jim to develop what would become his signature approach to homebuilding: Prioritize communication and collaboration among all members of the team; listen attentively to the desires of the client; and maintain a meticulous commitment to perfection, from foundation to finishing touches. The result was a gorgeous shingle-style home made for comfortable family living while maintaining a spectacular flare, grand enough for proud entertaining. Jim’s work on Baldwin Circle also initiated what became a decade-long client/builder relationship of mutual respect and gratitude. Through this home, Jim showed New England there was a new builder on the scene, fast being recognized as the best among best.

Architect: LDa Architecture & Interiors

Interior Design: LDa Architecture & Interiors

Landscape Design: Site Creative

Landscape Construction: Schumacher Companies

Photographer: Greg Premru

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