Home & Guest House

Sometimes the best way to get the property you desire is to merge two properties together. This unique project combined a major renovation on the main house alongside a gorgeous new-build guest home on the property next door, opening the two properties up to offer contemporary living with flair. 

The main home is now light, airy, and majestic. Special features include a subterranean high-tech cinema room with speakers hidden throughout, behind fabric walls and ceiling. As for the guest house, the owners were willing to run the risk of having their guests be so comfortable they might not want to leave! The adjacent property now boasts a generous and welcoming guest house, deliberately designed with its own unique style for a light-hearted atmosphere.

The two yards were carefully designed to bridge the properties, beautifully connecting two elevations and home styles and creating a tasteful estate for everyday moments and shared occasions.

Architect: D. Michael Collins Architects

Interior Design: Andra Birkerts Design

Landscape Design: Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design

Photographer: Greg Premru

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