New England Château

These clients created a unique look and feel reflective of their personal history, marrying aesthetics from their California homeland, their time in Europe, and their New England neighborhood.

The wood roof and stately front of the home give a nod to its traditional New England neighborhood, while a limewashed stone façade evokes images and feelings of pastoral landscapes and extended family gatherings. The oversized interior doors provide the European tones, and California emerges through the expanse of windows and focused sightlines on the beautiful outdoors. The staircase itself literally floats, a feat of engineering with sophisticated and whimsical results.

The indoor pool was also a technical challenge requiring a flawless envelope. The result is well worth it. Together this home provides the exquisite best of many worlds.

Architect: LDa

Interior Design: Melissa Winn Interiors

Landscape Design: Wagner Hodgson

Photographer: Greg Premru

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